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Welcome~! This Wiki is for making Ever After High OCs from stories of your own creation. Please note that we don't accept any OCs regarding strong beliefs of religion as this can be offensive at times. 


Since you're here, you would obviously see that you can make EAH OCs from your own creation. However, rules do apply here. 

You can't troll a page, or else you would be blocked by an admin for a week. 

Anyways, like we said above, please make sure that your stories don't have anything to do with strong beliefs of religion. Also, don't copy straight from another story that's in the actual world (or that another user had made). You wouldn't want to make a story exactly like "Snow-White and Rose-Red". However, your story can be slightly inspired by the stories. 

You can NOT use bases, trace-overs, or dollmakers/dress-up games for your OC's art.

If your OC breaks any of these rules, you will be given a warning. If you don't accept that warning, we will have to take action and delete the page.

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